Charitable status for pension-age protesters

Updated: May 30, 2019

Feisty Women committee members

A group is set to step up its fight for a fairer deal for Dundee women at the end of their working lives after it was granted official charitable status.

Feisty Women, set up to fight changes to UK state pension law, has relaunched as a recognised Scottish fundraising body.

Founded by Ann Porter and SNP Coldside Councillor Anne Rendall, the charity seeks compensation from the UK Government, following a change in the law that added up to six years to the state pension age for women born in the 1950s.

In Dundee alone 8,300 women will each lose an average of £45,000 in state pension payments.

The group’s evolution was recognised at a meeting of Dundee City Council's Policy and Resources committee after Ms Rendall put forward a motion.

Ms Rendall told councillors, “Our plan in our first full year of operation is to test this legislation and we will assess our progress with the aim of improving it. We are speaking to a local solicitor who is looking at the evidence to see if we can make a case. We have been punished and we need to have compensation.

Ms Rendall’s campaign has found support across the political divide.

Her motion was seconded by Labour councillor Helen Wright.

Ms Wright said, “It gives me great pleasure to second this and to congratulate Feisty Women on becoming a Scottish charity and to see this happening here in Dundee.

Dundee women over 60 are very angry about what’s happening to them – they have been unfairly treated and 8,300 of them have been affected by these changes.

“These are the women who are not only bringing up children but grandchildren as well and looking after a household. Some have two or three jobs and are not looking to their working life being extend by five or six years.”

Ms Wright has suggested that the council’s Common Good Fund – dished out to help local communities causes – donates up to £5000 to Feisty Women as part of its 2019/20 funding round.

Greg Colgan, Dundee City Council’s executive director of corporate services, said this could be considered if Feisty Women submits an application to the fund.

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