our manifesto.

Feisty Women exists to advance equality and economic justice for women over the age of 60. We believe the voice of older women is absent from national debates about discrimination and inequality. After a lifetime of sex discrimination, and now age discrimination, we will apply our hard-won knowledge to the problem of economic and social inequality for girls and women.

our intentions

  • Fifties-born women have been harmed by unfair changes to state pension age. We intend challenging the lawfulness of 2011 changes to state pension age for women through civil litigation.

  • If no legal route is open to us, we will challenge the effectiveness of equalities legislation for women wanting to make a complaint about pension injustice.

  • Our arguments will be based on facts. We will gather and analyse data that illustrates the reality of the discrimination we have experienced throughout our lives.

  • We will counter negativity about older women by lobbying influential organisations and opinion formers to reframe perceptions.

  • We will take all opportunities address unfair prejudice against us.

  • Historically, women have had to be pioneers and innovators in order to survive in a world largely designed for and by men. We will use these talents to offer fresh insights and solutions to the problem of sex and age discrimination.

  • We will empower women over the age of 60 to have a strong and confident voice.

  • We demand to participate equally in society as voters, consumers and tax payers with our own political, economic and social agency.

  • Changes to state pension age robbed women born in the fifties of their dignity. We will make sure all older women are treated with dignity and respect.

  • We will campaign and call out negativity and injustice against older women by communicating facts, not feelings.

  • We will advocate to end sex and age discrimination.


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Feisty Women is a registered charity SC049016

c/o Community Regeneration Team, Arthurstone Library, Arthurstone Terrace, Dundee DD4 6RT


Feisty Women is politically neutral and welcomes membership and support
from all groups and a broad range of opinion formers and influencers.