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Feisty Women started life as a Scottish campaigning group fighting for pension justice for fifties-born women. It quickly became apparent to us that women over the age of 60 are invisible to policy makers. We came to understand that pension injustice is a symptom of a much bigger, deeply-rooted problem – age and sex discrimination against older women. We believe this has to change.


The change Feisty Women wants to bring about is equality, social and economic justice for women and girls. We women over the age of 60 were pioneers. We were the first generation to go out to work on a larger scale than ever before, but we also shouldered a disproportionate share of domestic work and caring responsibilities. We have experienced a lifetime of sex discrimination and now age discrimination. There has been a cost to our health and to our financial well-being.


Historically, women have always had to be pioneers and innovators to survive in a world largely designed by and for men. We intend to apply our talents as innovators and pioneers to find a new theory of discrimination. If we define the problem correctly, then we will find improved solutions that work. More of the same won’t do.


This year, Feisty Women has three priorities.

  1. To challenge the lawfulness of a second, unexpected increase in state pension age for fifties-born women in 2011

  2. To influence policy by helping an under-confident group of women find their voice and share their life experiences, grass-roots upwards

  3. To collect data that will explain the underlying causes of the unfair treatment of older women


Feisty Women is based in Dundee. Dundee is known as ‘she-town’ due to its reputation for feisty, radical women. Women here worked long hours in the jute mills in the early part of the last century and were often the main wage earners with the men staying at home to look after the children. The men were known in the Dundee vernacular as the “kettle bilers”. Feisty Women is inspired by Dundee’s women political and social reformers. We are determined that the voice of older women must and will be heard.

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Feisty Women is a registered charity SC049016

c/o Community Regeneration Team, Arthurstone Library, Arthurstone Terrace, Dundee DD4 6RT


Feisty Women is politically neutral and welcomes membership and support
from all groups and a broad range of opinion formers and influencers.