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Feisty Women exists to advance equality and economic justice for women over the age of 60. We believe the voice of older women is absent from national debates about discrimination and inequality. After a lifetime of sex discrimination, and now age discrimination, we will apply our hard-won knowledge to the problem of economic and social inequality for girls and women.


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Feisty Women started life as a Scottish campaigning group fighting for pension justice for fifties-born women. It quickly became apparent to us that women over the age of 60 are invisible to policy makers. We came to understand that pension injustice is a symptom of a much bigger, deeply-rooted problem – age and sex discrimination against older women. We believe this has to change.


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Feisty Women is a registered charity SC049016

c/o Community Regeneration Team, Arthurstone Library, Arthurstone Terrace, Dundee DD4 6RT


Feisty Women is politically neutral and welcomes membership and support
from all groups and a broad range of opinion formers and influencers.